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Should I take this course?

If you’re interested in creating interactive web applications in Python then this course is for you! All levels are welcome – you’ll excel the most if you’re familiar with the basics of Python or already using Python for data analysis.

Already an advanced user? No problem! Bring your projects and your questions and Chris and Chelsea will not only guide you through your trouble spots but also teach you advanced hacks only available in this course.

What should I bring?

• Your laptop with python and pip installed.

A few days before the workshop we’ll send out an email with a link to the workshop content, some material to download, and a list of packages to install. (We also reserve some time at the beginning of the workshop to help with any install issues!)

What will I learn?

• Master the basic guiding principles of Dash to create and customize web applications with python.
• Gain data visualization skills using Plotly’s python API. We will go over data visualization techniques to help attendees create interactive and effective visualizations to represent their data analysis challenges.
• Learn pro tips about cross filtering & drill-down interaction, styling & design, and application performance.

Who will I learn from?

The Dash Master Class is taught by Chris Parmer, a co-founder of Plotly, co-author of the Plotly Python library, and creator of Dash. He knows the ins and out of Dash better than anyone else, and can help you understand how to unlock the full power of the platform, no matter your proficiency with Python.

Chris is assisted by Chelsea Douglas, head of the documentation and support teams at Plotly. As a polyglot in R, MATLAB, Python, and JavaScript, she leads communication of Plotly capabilities to users across programming languages, academic fields, and industries. She’s written much of the documentation behind Dash, and is an excellent resource to help you with hands-on exercises.

How is the course organized?

This is a two-day course that runs from 9 am to 5 pm. Registration includes a healthy boxed lunch, sweet afternoon treats, and all-day coffee.

Please bring your projects! We’ll have plenty of time for one-on-one hands-on help.

Chris Parmer

Chris is a co-founder of Plotly, co-author of the Plotly Python library, and creator of Dash.


Day 1
Introduction to Dash

– What’s Possible in Dash: The Dash Gallery Tour
– Getting Started with Dash: The Dash `layout`
– A tour of available Dash components
– Architecture: How does Dash work?
– Basic interactivity with Dash `callbacks`
– Advanced interactivity with Dash `callbacks`: multiple inputs, multiple outputs
– Making Dash apps data-driven with Pandas and SQL
– All about Dash `Graph` component
– Learning how to troubleshoot
– Deploying Dash apps

Day 2
Advanced Dash & Dash Best Practices

– Comprehensive guide to crossfiltering
– Styling Dash Apps: Design and CSS Pro Tips
– Concepts of `State`:
– Dash App Performance: Caching and parallelization
– Overview of Dash Roadmap – What’s going to be available this year
– (Optional – for attendees with Javascript experience): Building your own Dash components

Fall in Love with Montréal

What are people saying?

“Chris and the staff made the workshop easy to follow and gave every participant the attention that they needed. I learned a lot last weekend and Im very inspired about this brilliant project (Dash).”
~Software Engineer, Tesla
“The material and structure of the workshop was excellent. The instructors were very helpful, applying hands-on learning with lots and lots of very clear examples. Great workshop overall.”
~Data Science Manager at AIG
“Day 2 of the Dash workshop was even more amazing than the 1st, Chris’s knowledge and teaching skills were beyond my expectations. I highly recommend taking the Dash masterclass!”
~Data Scientist at Fulcrum Analytics

Time & Location

TBA Feb 2019

Plotly Technologies
5555 Avenue de Gaspé
Suite 215
Montréal, Quebec,
Canada, H2T 2A3

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Administrative details


We can offer discounted registration for groups of three of more. Please contact jeremy@formulated.by for details.

Payment policy

Individual payments for Dash Master Class must be made by credit card through Eventbrite. All prices are in US Dollars. We regret that we cannot arrange other payment methods for individual tickets.

Cancellation policy

In certain cases, we may need to cancel this workshop due to circumstances beyond our control or otherwise. If this happens, Plotly will refund all registration fees for those who signed up. Plotly is not responsible for any related expenses incurred by registered attendees (including but not limited to travel and hotel expenses).

Refund policy

More than 30 days before the master class: 50% refund. Less than 30 days before the master class: no refund.

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